Count on TFCC’s emergency notification system to keep your citizens safe and informed.

Public safety has moved to the forefront of the national conversation. And with it, the need for targeted, reliable emergency notification. At any given moment, you could be faced with an unforeseen emergency, from weather to hostages to a missing person, that requires communicating quickly and effectively to your citizens. Only TFCC gives you the capability — and the assurance — to successfully handle any emergency notification challenge.

TFCC Alert is our breakthrough product — the foundation of our emergency notification system for the public sector. Continually enhanced in response to our clients’ needs, TFCC Alert is lauded by industry experts for its speed, full incorporation of data security and the robust client service that accompanies it.


  • Sophisticated Technology
    As pioneers in the emergency notification industry, we continue to lead the field with sophisticated technology that lends speed, reliability and scalability to the TFCC system. Our technology also enables you to target messages by group, geography or method of communication, reaching recipients where they are, via multiple communication channels.

  • Flexibility & Ease of Use
    Our web-hosted system affords a level of flexibility that serves both you and the public. Our system can be accessed and activated from any Internet-enabled location or device. What’s more, the system’s multi-modal communications capability connects with recipients in one of several ways that include phone, mobile, fax, pager, PDA, SMS, email, TTY — even Facebook and Twitter.

  • Performance & Reliability
    TFCC’s unique combination of proven technology and total support gives you a level of reliability unmatched in the emergency notification universe. Because of its broad application, our system is continually operational, monitored and tested — not activated only when you need it.

  • Unparalleled Support
    No one else provides the level of back-up and support that TFCC offers. Each and every one of our clients is assigned an individual Client Relationship Manager who is always available to you and who is, in turn, supported by live customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. TFCC also supports other key aspects of your program, from training to building community awareness to encouraging registration for your notification service.

  • Complex Problem-Solving
    While technology is at the heart of our emergency notification capability, TFCC brings much more than that to the table. We’re problem solvers with an extensive knowledge of the public safety industry. This enables us to go deep in terms of understanding your greatest notification challenges.

As the leading provider of emergency notification systems, TFCC has been built on integrity, responding to the needs of our clients and respect for each and every individual who may be affected in an emergency situation. Today, TFCC is a well-established, growing company that is committed for the long-term. We’re here for our clients today — and tomorrow.

TFCC Alert is GSA certified. Visit our Purchasing Resources page for more information.

In our experience, transition to TFCC from another emergency notification system is fast, painless and non-disruptive to your operations and staff.


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